i met a man

i heve been swimming these whole years, slowly i catched breath everytime i touch the surface. i have lost counts on how often i got drowned,pulled by him. what worst i knew it too early, when i just barely able to paddle my feet to water. firstly, it was light, nothing to worry about. it seemed he’s been acting wrongly but he kept it wisely. well i never really made it to the surface for a time which is enough for me to rest. i never do, even untill now.he always twisted me and pulled me in.

my mind is tired today. i got drowned,again. it suck and hell i dont wanna care about it. but i couldnt. i wanna stop swiming but swiming carries lots of lessons and experiences. though i got drowned sometime. my eyes hurt. i hate to see wet eyes,there are glimpse of hate on them. 

these years i have been swimming with the most egocentric, selfish man. but i gotta keep going. he carries chaos as i could tell. but i can only stay inside the water, cant show up to the surface too often…and too early.

i love swimming but i kinda hate it also. but i got others who swim with me too. i can stick with them….i know….i hope